Data management
Database build and optimisation
Time to get to grips with your data?
You're in the right place.
Whether you need a completely new database build or a fresh view on what data you've got where and how best to use it, our data experts can help you all the way.
We offer unrivalled experience in building highly complex Single Customer Views for leading brands, enabling our clients to leverage a complete, 360° view of their customers.
Data integration
Pool data from every touch point to get the full picture
We build and host multi-billion row databases that draw on a huge range of sources, creating a rich, detailed view of every single customer and their interactions across your business. From in-app actions and in-store purchases, to website browse behaviour and campaign response histories, we have the capabilities to integrate all available data points for the most actionable view of your customers possible.
And because all of our data management solutions are designed to be future-proofed, scalable and managed with the highest possible levels of quality control, your investment will see returns for years to come, no matter what your goals or ambitions.
Marketing Data Platform
Ongoing Data Management
Architecture, Training & Support
Data Management
Planning-inc understands that as a business develops, requirements can change and additional data sources may become available. Systems are therefore designed to be flexible so that they can easily be adapted or added to in the future.
Processes are automated to allow efficient and timely updates while a combination of automated and manual QA ensures data quality; our technical staff are data experts, maintaining the highest level of data integrity by having a real understanding of client data where it comes from and what it should look like.
Our technology platforms are scalable, enabling the addition of capacity if required without the need for full platform rebuilds. Data security is important so Planning-inc ensures your data is transferred and handled securely.
Our team specialise in transforming enterprise level data into databases for use in marketing, analysis and management reporting.
Large volumes of data are our bread and butter - we are used to loading millions or even billions of rows of information for our clients.
Fully leverage your Single Customer View
Understand and act on individuality
We ensure that our database builds are designed to support and drive all elements of customer marketing.
The flexibility with which we build our systems means your data is ready to be used in any number of ways and easily integrated into the tools you require to run your programmes. We will connect your customer data to all your marketing systems and software as required for segmentation, modelling and cross-channel targeting.
  • Secure transfer and storage processes to protect your data at every stage
  • Links to all your marketing systems and software for quick, simple segmentation and modelling in every channel
Single Customer View
Data audits and consultancy
Start leveraging the potential of your data now
The first step in creating powerful database solutions is understanding exactly what data you have, where it comes from and how it should be integrated and matched. Although a data design and audit phase is an integral part of our database build methodology, we offer our consultancy solutions at an accessible entry point to our services. Our data experts can help you realise immediate benefits by:
  • Reviewing your multi-channel data sources - both existing and potential
  • Analysing the breadth, depth, recency and quality of data being captured across your business
  • Running data cleansing and matching exercising
  • Assess how your data can support your data strategy requirements
  • Evaluating whether your data marketing tools are fit for purpose and supporting on the selection and implementation processes - from campaign management and reporting to analysis and data visualisation
Data Audit