Data tools
Technology that drives marketing excellence
From implementing enterprise-level, campaign management solutions to designing custom-built apps that drive personalisation and customer recognition, our technical services convert great data into great marketing.
Data visualisation
Campaign management
Bespoke tools
Access your data, identify trends, understand your analysis and act on it… fast.
Segment, trigger, automate and report in an instant
Custom-built data solutions tailored to your unique needs.
Data visualisation solutions
Our data analysis and BI solutions help you access huge datasets and act on them quickly, delivering real, measurable value to customers and your business. We can implement the right solution for your needs, partnering with marketing leading software vendors such as Apteco FastStats.
Charts and Venn diagrams
Make your data meaningful
  • Develop train of thought analysis and run fast customer counts
  • Convert billions of rows of raw data into diagrammatic form
  • Quickly identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities
Data models
Overlay accessible data modelling
  • Easily identify and track customer trends across your base
  • Run customer RFV scoring at the click of a button
  • Predict campaign impact and ROI and test business hypotheses
  • Develop on-the-fly propensity models based on value, risk-of-churn and much more
Campaign integration
  • Slice and dice your data by channel or segment
  • Create targeting selections and seamlessly integrate with your broadcast tools
  • Integrate channels through customer data
  • Return campaign response data and add to the analysis mix
Campaign Management
We implement campaign management solutions that enable you to easily segment, automate, integrate and report on your campaigns. We are technology agnostic and a certified implementation partner with leading multi-channel campaign solution providers such as Adobe, IBM Unica and Apteco. Picking the right system for your requirements, we will enable you to:
  • Run multi-channel campaigns from one central hub
  • Visualise and automate segmentation and campaign deployment
  • Trigger multi-stage messages based on customer behaviours
  • Track costs and ROI as you go
Campaign management
Bespoke tools
Bespoke tools
Our development teams deliver custom-built web applications tailored to your unique needs. Our experience in delivering bespoke data solutions includes:
  • Putting key customer data in front of contact centre teams for customer recognition
  • Delivering live content in emails
  • Product and stock check integrations into email campaigns
  • Data capture and micro-site page builds
Easy implementation
Excellence, every time
Every one of our projects is meticulously researched and planned, while our phased approach to delivery keeps the impact on your time, budget and resources to a minimum. And whether it’s a campaign management tool or a sophisticated propensity model, we’ll leave you with an accessible, accurate and agile solution. So you can hit the ground running with technology that will grow and evolve alongside your plans.
Easy implementation
Training and support
Training and support
Make the most of your technology
Make sure you’re ready to go from day one with our bespoke training plans and workshops. As well as getting your team up to speed on using your new tool before it launches, we’ll be on hand for ongoing support - our technical team will be there all the way to answer questions and optimise the systems as you go.