Advanced analytics
Next-generation insight, modelling,
segmentation and reporting
Award-winning, revenue-driving modelling and analysis
Our state-of-the-art data analysis services are second to none when it comes to turning highly complex, enterprise-level data into valuable and actionable insight. From identifying the actions that will push customers to their full value potential, to offering relevant, customer-level recommendations, our data experts build tailored solutions for your business that deliver major ROI.
Sophisticated segmentation
Create powerful, highly targeted and personalised campaigns
Shift your targeting up a gear as we analyse all touchpoints, data sources and sequences of interactions to build a rich profile of every single customer. We’ll help you identify advanced micro-segments, enabling you to create highly personalised content variations and cross-sell messaging to maximise response and beat your targets. Recent segmentations for our clients include:
  • Redefining customer lifestages
  • Establishing and managing customer event milestones
  • Establishing true value and life time value (LTV)
  • Implementing recency, frequency, value (RFV) scoring
  • Delivering behavioural customer and brand engagement profiles
  • Browsing behaviour and product preferences
Sophisticated segmentation
Predict and influence
Predict and influence
Focus your efforts on future stars
Our bespoke propensity models have a proven track record in accurately predicting future VIPs and high value customers, cross- and up-sell opportunities and customers most at risk of lapsing.
Each model we build is unique to a client, and our algorithms adapt to the nuances of your data to analyse key customer signals and behaviours such as:
  • Transaction frequency and value, across multiple categories and brands
  • Customer journey sequences across multiple channels
  • Customers’ implicit and explicit preferences
  • App download and website interactions
  • Channel response data
We help you redefine your customers’ current status and predict their next actions, enabling you to create communications that influence behaviours and make the best use of your budget and resources. Use our models to identify key trigger points to target customers at the right time, with the right message and using the right channel.
Relevant recommendations
Cross-sell and up-sell effortlessly
Whether you’re targeting new customers, recent purchasers or basket abandoners, personalise your messages with highly relevant recommendations to get the best return from your prospect pool.
Drawing on data from a diverse range of sources, our tailor-made recommendation engines connect the dots between data and campaign. And the automated, dynamic content they produce can be quickly and simply plugged into any campaign in any channel.
  • Browsing behaviour
  • Purchase history
  • Price points and savings
  • Stock levels
  • Propensity to buy again
Relevant recommendations