Unlock the power of your data
Your customers.
Our expertise.
We are Planning-inc.
An award-winning agency delivering next-generation data marketing solutions.
Empowering marketers with Data, Analysis, Technical and Strategic Planning services.
A team of experts offering best-in-class customer marketing.
Unlock the power of your data
Delivering on your data strategy
Data visualisation and campaign solutions that drive success
Our technical services bridge the gap between IT and marketing, ensuring you fully leverage your customer data for campaigning, Business Intelligence and customer analysis. Our solutions include:
  • Designing and implementing data visualisation and multi-wave cross-channel campaign management platforms
  • Increasing the personalisation of your customer journeys with bespoke web applications
  • Implementing best-in-breed reporting and measurement frameworks
A new level of targeting and relevancy
Cutting edge analysis and insight solutions
Our insight function sets us apart in the data marketing space. Our award-winning data analysis services enable you to:
  • Define true customer value and develop sophisticated segmentations
  • Understand customer signals and influence behaviours
  • Deliver tailored recommendations at a 1-2-1 level
Unlock the power of your data
Unlock the power of your data
Beyond the models – a strategic partnership
Develop communications as unique as your customers
We offer the ongoing strategic consultancy and campaign support that helps you achieve your marketing goals. Our Account Management and Consultancy services ensure you fully utilise our data solutions and directly translate them into actionable campaigns. Our work includes:
  • CRM strategy creation
  • Campaign and data planning
  • Email build and campaign management